What is the Secret Mirror?

One of the celebrity panelists for The Secret Movie (2006), Joe Vitale is driven to show others how to go from impoverished to abundant. Audiences from around the world have heard him speak. And now in the Secret Mirror program, people have an opportunity to identify what is holding them back. What is blocking their abundance and most importantly how to clear that blockage.

Mirror Work

If you are familiar with Louise Hays then perhaps mirror work isn’t anything new for you. However, the excitement that surrounds Joe Vitale’s secret mirror work is unique and expanded. People have described it as a real experience that can be uncomfortable at first. However, with consistency, a person begins to build self-trust. What’s most unique is that participants get to follow the unscripted journey–from beginning to end–of four successes who used the Secret Mirror. This is the first time that Dr. Vital has coached individuals openly.

You are Not Alone

See yourself living abundantly and you will attract it. But, what Dr. Vitale has discovered is that this mindset works for many but for a lot of other people they hit a block. He helps you see that this isn’t your fault. Likewise, this doesn’t mean that the law of attraction doesn’t work. What it does mean is that there may be hidden beliefs for so many people that need to be altered to remove the block to allow abundance to continue to flow.

Another unique feature of the Secret Mirror program is the idea that the unconscious mind does the attracting. So, this program helps you to go deep into those unconscious thoughts to address hidden beliefs that are causing the blockage to the life that you want.

Those individuals who are intrigued by the law of attraction and how to leverage its power this may be the best next step. For those who are opened to unearthing those hidden struggles and going to the next level of manifestation, this self-development program is a must to complete. Finally, there is something available to help you confront those self-sabotaging thoughts once and for all.