Best Tourist Spots on Kerala Tour

Kerala, famed as God’s Own Country, India’s southernmost province and is known all over the world for its abundant natural beauty. Nature has blessed this charming Indian state uniquely. The capital of this beautiful Indian state is Trivandrum and economical capital of Kerala is Kochi, formerly known as Cochin. People can enjoy lots of activities over as Kerala is one of the finest holiday destinations in the country offering amazing sightseeing with complete privacy and safety. The state has still preserved its extraordinary natural beauty despite the recent hi-tech developments.

Kerala’s Best Tourist Spots

Located on the southern tip of India along side the azure Arabian Sea, Kerala has many tourist spots which are worldwide famous. It provides lots to enjoy here such as beach tourism, hill station tourism, wildlife tourism, eco tourism, backwater tourism, houseboat cruise, sightseeing of historical & religious monuments, ayurvedic body massage, etc. Have a look at some of Kerala’s best tourist spots.

Kovalam: When we talk about best tourist destinations in this state, the first name that strikes our mind is none other than internationally famous beach town of Kovalam. Kovalam is known as one of the finest beach resorts in the world as there is great tourism opportunity and excellent accommodation facilities available.

Kochi: The nest destination that is extremely popular when we talk about best tourist spots is Kochi. Kochi is an important city and economical capital of the state. It is known for historical monuments, beautiful beaches, beautiful temples, serene backwaters, beautiful islands, spice markets, etc. Chinese Fishing Nets, Fort Kochi, Mattancherry Dutch Palace, Colonial Buildings, Jewish Synagogue, etc are major tourist attractions in this city.

Munnar: If there is one place to spend your vacation in completely unique serene and refreshing ambiance, you must visit Munnar, a picturesque hill station famed as the Kashmir of South. It is the place you will enjoy copious natural beauty in serene surroundings. Lush rolling hills, fragrant tea plantations and exotic wildlife will lure you on your stay in Munnar.

Alleppey: If there is one thing which lures you most on your holiday tours in Kerala that is none other houseboat cruise on serene and scenic Kerala’s backwaters. And the most popular destination for houseboat cruise is Alleppey, famed as the Venice of the East.

Kollam, Trivandrum (the state capital), Kozhikode, Wayanad, Ponmudi, Varakala, etc are some other best tourist spots you will love to explore on your Kerala tour. These are many Kerala tour packages available to choose from which can cater these preferred tourist spots on your Kerala tours and travels.

Dubai One of the Best Tourist Destinations


Dubai is a city located in UAE and has the distinction of being one of the most traveled yet one of the safest cities in the world. It is located on the Persian Gulf and is known as the Dubai City to differentiate it from the Emirate by the same name. Dubai is also the fastest growing city in the world since it is located at the crossroads which lead to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Dubai is a city which is filled with myriad attractions for its visitors and tourists. People from all over the world come over to this city to enjoy the delights offered by this flashy, fun city. Trade and commerce is also flourishing in this city. Thus the city has several fantastic and great accommodation facilities. The visitors can choose from the plethora of hotels in Dubai ranging from five-star hotels to budget hotels and inexpensive accommodation to suit the requirements of all types of travelers.

People throng this city for a variety of reasons. The visitors of this city can have fun exploring the various tourist spots and other attractions of Dubai. Some of the best Dubai tourist attractions are Aerogulf Services, Al Boom Tourist Village, Archaeological Sites, Bait Al Wakeel, Bastakiya, Bedouin Village, Burj Nahar, Deira Covered Souk (District), Dubai Creek, Dubai Museum, Dubai World Trade Centre, Gold Souk, Grand Mosque, Hatta Mountains, Jumeirah Mosque, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House (Museum), Shindagha and Spice Souk. The cosmopolitan culture, friendly people and relaxed rules in comparison to many other Middle East countries also make Dubai a popular tourist destination.

Shopping is another of the reasons as to why people come to Dubai in hordes. Shopping in Dubai is filled with a multitude of opportunities. It is a dream world for the shopoholic. Shopping opportunities in Dubai stretch from multi-storied malls and shopping complexes to the vibrant and colorful local souks. Every year an annual shopping festival organized by the Dubai government also attracts tourist to this country. This shopping festival is usually held in January and February. Apart from shopping it is also a cultural and entertainment extravaganza started by the Dubai government to promote trade and tourism in the country.

The cuisine in Dubai is also interesting and delicious. The gourmets can relish a variety of mouth watering dishes in Dubai. The restaurants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are known for their international cuisine which can satiate even the most jaded palates. Thus Dubai can offer its visitors a memorable experience to last a life time. Holidays in Dubai are certain to be unforgettable and filled with fond memories. November to April are the best months of the year to visit Dubai.

The Three Best Tourist Destinations in Asia

Asia has been a travelers favorite since the days of yore. European travelers like Marco Polo have come to Asia in ancient times in search of prosperity and exotic treasures. All this has been recorded in various accounts of the travelers themselves. From those ancient accounts, we know that Asia is a rich continent with vast differences in the climate and culture of different regions. China was known for its silk and tea while India was known for its cotton and spices. These two Asian countries became the center of world trade in the seventeenth century. Today, Asia is known for many more things. First, there are the multitudes of cultures in Asia that one cannot get enough of. With the exponential advancements in technology in Asian countries, they are still known for the reminders of their past. Second, the new-age advancements have made Asia the hub of electronic and automobile production. Third, the different climatic zones on the continent and the different geographical features that Asia is endowed with truly delivers a thrilling experience to travelers. Visiting as many Asian countries as possible should be one of the pledges on your bucket list.

What are the most popular destinations for travelers in Asia? When people hear anything about Asia, the first thing that comes to their mind is China. China has grown as a superpower and attracts tourists not only for the urban experiences, but also for the country’s rich heritage as a cultural and spiritual destination. While there are ultra- modern cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau, there’s also the ancient Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and Mount Tai- one of the most sacred places according to Taoism. China is also endowed with a bounty of natural beauty. The country has blended the urban, historical and natural treasures of the country and formed a composite national treasure. A trip to China will always be a memorable one. The second country that comes to people’s minds is Japan. Japan grew and developed faster than China. Its technological innovations are superior to China’s, but the experience a traveler will get in Japan is different from that in China. Japan has always been known for making fantasies come true. So, there’s the famous Tokyo Disney Land that is a favourite destination of many of tourists. It is the first Disney Land to be developed outside the United States. Apart from the Disney Land, there’s also Universal Studios. Japan is also known for its culture of art and crafts. You can take ikebana classes, bonsai classes, tea ceremony classes or even origami classes.

The third most visited country is India. India is a land that is more diverse than even the whole of Asia. One part of India is poles apart from another part in terms of language, art, dance form, etc. This adds to the vibrancy of the country’s culture. In this country, you have to devote too much of your time to if you want to soak yourself in the Indian experience. Here, you can see the remains of the world’s oldest civilization- the Indus Valley Civilization. You can also see the remnants of the great Mughal Kingdom that has been mentioned a French traveler, the remnants of the country’s colonial past, the cosmopolitan culture in its nascent stages, the western ghats, and so much more. This is a place that is a myriad painting of religion, art, history and geography.

Apart from just the different things to see, each country has a different and heterogeneous cuisine to offer. Other Asian countries that are frequented by travellers are- Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

Feast Your Eyes With a Tour to Jakarta the Best Tourist Destination of Southeast Asia

Jakarta has a fine array of entertainment activities. Its long and enthralling history has provided a real treat for modern-day visitors. One may get every thing to enjoy there according to his/her interest as Jakarta has a wealth of exciting cultural activities to try, important sites to visit, night life to enjoy, and fantastic malls and markets to shop. Jakarta is best known for its vibrant, friendly, fervent, and lively spirit among visitors taking flights to Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, and is the best tourist destination of South East Asia. Major Jakarta attractions are;

Sunda Kelapa Port: Sunda Kelapa is better known as Pasar Ikan meaning fish market as it is a 500 year old port with market of all sorts of shells, dehydrated turtles, lobsters and mostly everything the seafarer might need. Visitors always like to take cheap flights to Jakarta Indonesia from UK and other places to visit this one of the most important calls for sailing vessels from all over Indonesia by making reservations at flights to Jakarta It is one of the finest sights in Jakarta. It is an important means of transporting goods to and from the outer islands.

Taman Fatahillah: Taman Fatahillah, Jakarta is a frequently visited place in Jakarta. It is famous for its square and Museum of History. It was previously acting as the venue for several public shows. It is a must see place after taking Jakarta flights as Taman Fatahillah, Kota’s central cobblestone square, is still reminiscent of the area’s heyday. It is open throughout the day, and entry is free there.

Monas: This is the tower in Central Jakarta, a national monument and symbol of Jakarta. Among all other tourist destinations in Jakarta, originally known as Sunda Kelapa, Monas in Jakarta is a famous one. Being one of the most prominent mementoes of Indonesian nationalist spirit Monas is frequently visited by tourists taking cheap flights to Jakarta. It was previously known by several names like Lapangan Gambir, Lapangan Ikada, Lapangan Merdeka, Lapangan Monas and Taman Monas.

Masjid Istiqlal: A Masjid or Mosque is a holy place of worship for Muslims. Masjid Istiqlal is the largest mosque in Southeast Asia, and is considered to be the national mosque of Indonesia. Visitors taking flights to Jakarta like to visit this mosque for its impressive exterior, lavish interior, rectangular hall bearing four tiers of balcony, attractive staircases, and wide entrance way. Visitors belonging to Islam and other religions reserve cheap flights to Jakarta from UK with some reliable travel company